Technical Integration

The MATH 42 SERVICE is provided as a customizable widget, which can be implemented in websites and other services.

Problem and Solution

The MATH 42 SERVICE addresses several problems of publishers:

  • The lack of — yet highly demanded — interactive math products
  • The slow and expensive production of content, because of the use of manual processes
  • The mostly inconsistent and not quality assured content (e.g. different types of sample solutions, exercises …)

Advantages for Publishers

  • Providing adaptive and interactive content for existing and new products
  • Reducing the cost and time needed for content generation and product development
  • Eliminating the risk of uncertain inhouse development (e.g. designing an intelligent 2D entry, developing a CAS system, …)
  • Creating new worldwide sales opportunities thanks to scalable math products

Use Cases

  • Providing a universal math-service (Full Widget)
    • Entry of formulas via the integrated keyboard
    • Choice of an approach to the solution
    • Interactive step-by-step solutions with cross-linked explanations and definitions of mathematical notions
    • Interactive graphs
    • Digital assessment with integrated choice of topics
    • Automatic generation of exercises with multiple choice questions and i.a. respective step-by-step solutions
  • Providing interactive step-by-step solutions with explanations and definitions of mathematical notions to a given problem (Step-by-Step Solutions)
  • Providing interactive graphs for given functions (Interactive Graphs)
  • Providing exercises incl. multiple choice questions and i.a. respective step-by-step solutions to given topics and sub-topics (Exercises)
    • The topic-taxonomy can be quickly adapted to any given curriculum, thanks to its flexible structure.
  • Important: We have a new product in the pipeline: Providing step-by-step exercises to given topics.

Authentication and Implementation

To use the widget end-users have to be authenticated. Most of the time users have already registered / logged in on the superordinated service (e.g. a math-portal). Hence the registration / login at MATH 42 can be done transparently for the user on the server side —this represents a ‘Single-Sign-On’ from the point of view of the user (Registration / Login).

The widget itself is configured by a couple of parameters, which define its use and is implemented with one line of code (See below).


The manner in which the widget is displayed, is set by the requesting service:

  • As an iFrame
  • As a PopUp
  • In a new tab
  • In a new window

The adjustment to different screen-sizes etc. is done automatically by the widget.

Business Model

Partners can use the MATH 42 SERVICE on the basis of a ‘per user, per year, (i.a. per product)’ license. Discounts come with a growing volume of users.

Technical Remarks

  • The MATH 42 Technology bases on a self-developed symbolic math package. MATH 42 doesn’t rely on third-party math services.
  • The MATH 42 Technology was developed in Swift, the new programming language of Apple (2014), which was made Open Source in 2015.
  • The MATH 42 SERVICE is made up of three components:
    • Mathematics core in Swift on an AWS Backend
    • Widget (Frontend) incl. entry / keyboard in JavaScript, formula typesetting in KaTeX
    • Backend authentication, request-handling, etc. via AWS and Cognoto