Step-by-Step Solutions




  • GET /widget/solution/


  • term
  • unknown
    • Optional
    • variable contained in termal
    • Default: ‘x’ if in term, else first variable contained in term
    • Example: unknown=z
  • approach
    • Required
    • Values: simplify, factorize, expand, poly_div, solve, derive, integrate
    • The chosen approach has to be consistent with the problem. E.g. ‘solve’ makes no sense if the problem is not an equation.
    • Example: approach=solve
  • language
    • Optional
    • Values: de, en, cn, fr, ru, es
    • Default: en
    • Example: language=de
  • token
    • Required: In this context required – See Registration / Login
    • Example: token=whsdf7dni76 …


  • A step-by-step solution for the quadratic equation ‘x^2-x-1=0’ will be given back.
  • The used language will be Chinese.