Registration / Login

Before a user can use the widget, the user has to be registered. This is done transparently (for the user) by the provider:

  • The provider logs in the user at MATH 42 with a unique user id. If the user wasn’t already signed in at MATH 42, this will done additionally in the background.
  • The provider gets back a time-limited token for further authentication.
  • Each time the user accesses the widget on a provider’s page, the token has to be added to the request.




  • GET /api/v1/provider/token


  • provider
    • Required
    • Your provider-name
    • Example: provider=xyz_publisher
  • secret
    • Required
    • Your provider-secret
    • Length: 32
    • Example: secret=2g4ncjr74j3jch475hdbs7el4js6cg3f
  • userId
    • RequiredIdentifier (for example hash of email) of your user
    • Identifier (for example hash of email) of your user
    • Length: 6-30 chars.
    • Example: userId=class6_user23


  • 200 OK


  • Status: 200 OK
  • Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8


  • A JSON Web Token (e.g. whsdf7dni76 ...) which is valid while the test-phase for 1 hour. This will be changed to 6 – 12 hours.
  • Recommendation: You should manage the tokens for every user and don’t create a new token for every widget.


  • A time-limited token will be given back.