Privacy Policy – Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

MATH 42 gathers the following data:

When the user registers with eMail we gather the eMail and the password.

When the user registers with Facebook, we gather all information released by the user.

We use the PARSE and respectively the Flurry Framework to gain insight about how often MATH 42 is used, what the most used mathematical domains are and what general functions are requested more or less often. We do this so that we can enhance MATH 42’s mathematics and user experience.

eMails with feedback and error reports are never sent to us without the explicit confirmation of the user.

If you have further question write us:

Terms of Use

Date: August 18th 2015

1. Introduction

These general terms and conditions (GTC) complement the GTC of Apple.

MATH 42 is a mobile iOS application and is operated by Cogeon GmbH, (‘Cogeon’) with headquarters at Mommsenstr. 67, 10629 Berlin, Germany.

MATH 42 is a learning system for mathematics, with which Users can intuitively and dynamically solve their problems step-by-step.

With your registration with MATH 42 you (the ‘User’) confirm to have understood these general terms and conditions (‘GTC’) and that you agree to them. By completing the registration you enter into a valid contract with Cogeon.

MATH 42 offers some content and features for free, but it is not a completely cost-free service. Services that are only offered for payment are clearly detailed and marked in the mobile iOS application. Fees are necessary to enable further development and maintenance of the existing services. The User won’t be charged fees for the use of the limited features, the trial version or for the registration. Fees will never be charged without explicit information of the User. MATH 42 addresses exclusively final costumers and private individuals, so that only they may be registered.

The privacy policy explains how we handle and secure the User’s data — please read it carefully.

2. Scope

The GTC apply to all non-commercial Users of MATH 42. Any supplementary or deviating provisions shall only apply if both parties agreed in writing. The GTC apply to all services of MATH 42.

3. Registration and Conclusion of the Contract

3.1 Each User may only register once.

3.2 The User guarantees, that the information he/she provides are complete and true.

3.3 The User agrees to the use of his data as detailed by the privace policy.

3.4 The contract for the use of MATH 42 between Cogeon and the User is concluded by the registration of the User.

4. Free Use of the Basic Functions of MATH 42 (Basic Contract)

4.1 The User won’t be charged fees for the use of the basis-functionality of MATH 42.

4.2 The contract for the use of MATH 42 is concluded for an unlimited period and can be terminated without notice by either party. The User can terminate the contract by deleting his account in the preferences.

4.3 For the access to the complete functionality of MATH 42 fees will be charged, if this is indicated and the User orders them seperately.

5. Services and Products Subject to Fees (Premium Contracts)

Cogeon offers services and products for a charge at MATH 42 (‘Premium Contracts’).

6. Billing types, Cancellation, Renewal

6.1 The premium functionalities of MATH 42 can be ordered as a subscription. The price and duration of the subscription depend on the specifications of the individual order and are summarized ahead of the booking. The contract is concluded by klicking ‘Buy now’.

6.2 Premium contracts are concluded for the time specified in the individual order. The invoice ammount for the subscription is to be payed completely as of the conclusion of the contract.

6.3 The contract renews itself automatically for the same period as indicated in the contract (i.e. 1, 3, 6 or 12 months), unless the User cancels the subscription prior to the final cancellation date indicated by Apple.

6.4 It is given — by Apple’s provisions — that the contract can be cancelled until 48 hours before the renewal of the contract.

6.5 If a User cancels the premium contract, the access to the premium functionality of MATH 42 is lost. The User has no claim to any refund of usage fees.

6.6 The right to termination due to cause remains intact.

6.7 Cogeon has the right to terminate any premium contract at any time without giving reasons — the termination takes effect at the end of the term.

7. Payment modalities

Usage fees for the usage of the premium features of MATH 42 are to be payed immediately as of the conclusion of the permium contract.

8. Copyrights, Trademark Rights, Property Rights and Rights to the Use of Names

All content (Text, Pictures and other works) created by Cogeon and distributed within the framework of MATH 42 are protected by copyright and any use outside of MATH 42 requires Cogeon’s prior written approval.

9. Further Provisions

9.1 Agreements and contracts between Cogeon and the User shall be subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply.

9.2 The Parties agree to exclude those provisions of the German international civil law, that may cause the exclusive application of any other jurisdiction.

9.3 The Parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at the place of business of Cogeon.

9.4 Should individual points of these GTC be legally invalid, the remaining portions hereof shall be unaffected and remain binding.

9.5 Cogeon reserves the right to modify these GTC at any time and without indicating the reason for such modification, as far as those modifications are based upon changes in the services provided by Cogeon, changes of MATH 42 or upon legal changes or changes due to technical requirements. This includes Cogeon offering new services. The modified GTC shall be sent to the User in advance by email. If the User does not object to the modified GTC within a period of six weeks, they are deemed to be accepted. If the User objects, Cogeon may close the User’s account and receive a refund for any the rest of the respective term. Cogeon shall separately point out these legal consequences in the email with the modified GTC.