Based on the MATH 42 Technology we offer products and services for publishers and other educational service providers. These products enable the enhancement of existing products and the creation of new products — for the classroom and the learning at home.

MATH 42 Solutions Service

MATH 42 generates step-by-step solutions to given mathematical problems. These problems could, for example, be part of a textbook or have been entered by a student.

MATH 42’s Step-by-Step Solutions comprise:

  • Detailed step-by-step solutions
  • Extensive explanations of the present mathematical notions
  • Interactive Graphs


Technical Integration

MATH 42 Assessment Service

MATH 42 provides exercises and tests to given topics. These can be used in assessment and revision products for students and teachers.

MATH 42’s Assessment comprises:

  • Wide range of mathematical topics through a hierarchical taxonomy
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of students


Technical Integration

MATH 42 Formula Input

MATH 42 provides its intuitive context-sensitive entry as an integrable component. It can be used as an entry tool for students and teachers, as well as an authoring tool for content production.

MATH 42 Formula Input comprises:

  • A context-sensitive keyboard
  • An intuitive and quick entry that prevents errors
  • The display and typesetting of mathematical formulas in LaTex
  • An integrated scientific instant-calculator


Technical Integration

Advantages for Publishers and Educational Service Providers

Low integration costs throw:

  • Integrated authentication
  • Pre-configured solutions that can be implemented immediately without additional development
  • Own products and designs are possible through few but powerful API-request

Data Analysis

  • Analyses of student data, via an Opt-In model
  • Anonym statistical analyses

Business Model

  • Licenses on a ‘per student’, ‘per year’ basis for MATH 42 Solutions and MATH 42 Assessment
  • Fixed ‘per year’ licenses for MATH 42 Input

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