Formula Input

MATH 42 Input provides publishers with an easily integrable HTML 5 component, with a context-sensitive keyboard and instant display of the entered formula in LaTex.


Students and teachers want to enter mathematical formulas intuitively and quickly.

Publisher need an easy authoring tool for their content-production.


MATH 42’s context-sensitive keyboard enables an intuitive and error-preventing entry of formulas.

These are instantly displayed as LaTex-formulas to provide visual feedback.

The integrated parser not only captures the syntax, but also the semantics, i.e. the structure of a formula, which enables the comparison of the entered expression with a pre-ordained solution.

Use Cases

n every mathematical product (classroom or homework products, assessment products, …) formulas have to be entered.

Easy Integration of the MATH 42 Formula Input in Your Products

MATH 42 Input is delivered as an integrable HTML 5 component.

The entry of a formula can be done manually through the displayed context-sensitive keyboard or automatically through the plain text-form.

The formula which is being entered is permanently available in several different formats: as LaTeX, as plain text, as a Json-based tree-structure and if possible as a numerical result.

Our Partners

The Klett Verlag — one of the biggest educational publishers in Germany — is a partner of MATH 42

Business Modell / Pricing

MATH 42 Services are licensed on a ‘per student’ and ‘per year’ basis.

Mathematical coverage

Runtime Environment

Our products run on either a Safari- or a Chrome-Browser.

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