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MATH 42 Enter a Problem

Enter a Problem

MATH 42’s intelligent input enables you to enter your problems quickly and flawlessly.

Get Approaches

Get Approaches

Like a good private tutor, MATH 42 suggests you the possible approaches to solve a problem. With MATH 42 you’ll never ask yourself “How do I start?” again. You’ll get to the solution quickly, effortlessly and without frustration.

MATH 42 Create Step-by-Step Solutions

Create Step-by-Step Solutions

When you have decided which approach to use, MATH 42 explains each solution step-by-step.

MATH 42 Understand Steps through Sub-Steps

Understand Steps through Sub-Steps

If you don’t understand a certain step, you can look at its sub-steps — MATH 42 always shows you, how you came from A to B.

MATH 42 Mathematical Explanation

Get Mathematical Explanations

If you want to read, what a certan notion means, you can tap on it and MATH 42 will give you a detailed explanation.

MATH 42 Graph

Get Interactive Graphs

MATH 42 visualizes your problem through interactive graphs. Important points like maximums, minimums, inflexion points, roots as well as the domain and asymptotes are highlighted.

MATH 42 Exercises and Tests

Train Exercises and Test Your Knowledge

MATH 42’s assessment helps you, to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can progress quickly.

MATH 42 Language

Choose Your Language

MATH 42 is available in 6 different languages (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish und Russian), which can be switched during the usage of MATH 42.