Assessment Service

MATH 42 Assessment provides exercises and tests.


It costs a lot of time and money to generate new fitting and quality-assured exercises to diverse mathematical topics.


MATH 42 Assessment automatically generates diverse and consistent exercises — these are accessible through a finely structured taxonomy of mathematical topics.

MATH 42’s technology ensures, that these exercises are solvable and have a high variance.

Use cases

Exercise sheets can be generated to given topic for the class as well as for homework.

Individualized tests with automatic correction can be generated.

Easy Integration of the MATH 42 Services in Your Products

Each MATH 42 Service can be integrated in your own products like online-portals or web-based application. Most of the time one line of code will suffice to register a user (student) and another line of code to request the product itself.

See Description of the technical integration

Our Partners

The Klett Verlag — one of the biggest educational publishers in Germany — is a partner of MATH 42

Business Modell / Pricing

MATH 42 Services are licensed on a ‘per student’ and ‘per year’ basis.

Mathematical coverage

Runtime Environment

Our products run on either a Safari- or a Chrome-Browser.

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Maxim Nitsche +49.151.1496.5186 — maxim.nitsche .at.