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Intelligent Suggestions

MATH 42 shows with intelligent suggestions, how to solve a math problem — Just like a good private tutor.


MATH 42 displays every solution as a detailed succession of steps and substeps — So that you always understand, how the solution came about.

Training & Tests

MATH 42 identifies your strengths and weaknesses with math tests — So that you can improve yourself through targeted training.

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helps to understand mathematics, to solve homework and to pass tests.

“When I leave my primary school (this year) I am, along with two other people, aiming for a level 6 math, that is the level your expected to get in your first year at senior school nowadays. This app was perfect for me!” UK
“Not only has use for mathematical problems it also has a training section which is so fun!” USA


is like a personal tutor – at a fraction of the cost.

“I have taken college courses that cost me hundreds of dollars that didn’t do for me educationally, what Math 42 has. My 14 year old daughter and I are siting here playing it like a game!” USA
“Don’t remember how I came across this app but I’m glad I did. If you or your kids are doing math, this is an absolute must. If your kids are doing math, this is an absolute must. My daughter is in love with it.” Canada


fördert die Schwächeren, fordert die Guten und hebt den Durchschnitt.

“My student and I can save valuable time with this app as he can access the steps of a problem independently.” Canada
“The best math app i ever met. Great help for my studies in mechanical engineering.” Hungary


Simplify Terms

Binomial Decomposition


Linear Equations

Fractional Equations

Systems of Equations

Quadratic Equations



Swiss Army Knife of Mathematics


‘s innovative calculator permanently displays the result, i.e. already during the entry.

Curve Representation

shows every important information of curve sketching.

Integrated Math Textbook

not only displays solutions step by step, but also explains them with the help of its cross linked math textbook.

Extensive Exercise Collection

provides you — for each topic and level respectively — with at least 380 exercises.

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Math 42 for iPhone and iPad not only solves math problems but helps you better understand them